ACEs training reviews

An absolute must for anyone wanting to know how Adverse Childhood Experiences impact.

Elaine Barnes Senior Outreach Officer – Training Lead Behaviour Outreach Support Services Learning and Opportunities: Children and Young People Doncaster Council

This course is not only very informative but extremely powerful in enabling the reader to relate to the impact ACE's. This is everybody's business!

It Does what it says on the tin - ACEs training

Class Teacher St Philomena’s Primary School Enhanced Nurture Provision

Easy reading with scheduled breaks and helpful tips to support children with ACE’s. When I say easy reading , I in no way mean the content as the abuse that “the survivor” endured is horrendous. The downloads are there to further your understanding of the effects of ACE’s and to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from the effects of ACEs.

A valuable ACEs refresher course

Janet Edgar Behaviour & Emotional Well-being Officer

I particularly liked the variety and diversity of activities, with a good mix of reading, watching, listening, and reflecting - this kept the training from being repetitive and really held my attention as I moved between pages. I thought the extra reading provided in the links put the whole thinking and understanding ACEs into context by relating the theory and research with the personal experience. The short break activity suggestions were timely and useful in order to be able to 'switch off' and come back refreshed and ready to continue. The course overall is a great way to encourage professionals, parents and anyone supporting children to look at behaviour and learning differently, and 'think outside the box' when planning interventions and strategies - it should be completed by everyone working in education at the very least.

I have shared with my work colleagues

Laura Wright - Outreach Support Worker

I have shared with my work colleagues how much I enjoyed completing the course. We sent an email to our whole team highly recommending your course and hopefully others may sign up. We are a team of 15, Behaviour Outreach Support Workers covering Primary and since September 2019, Secondary schools. Students are referred to our service when schools are struggling with their behavioural issues and students especially at Secondary level are at high risk of Managed Moves or exclusions. Your course will advance our knowledge on ACEs from a first hand account.

I found it to be just as informative, interactive and thought provoking.

Sue Carruthers SEMH Co-ordinator HHTS Co-ordinator

After attending College of life face to face training I did wonder if the online training would be able to 'match' it. After completing the online training I found it to be just as informative, interactive and thought provoking. It has a good mix of historical background to the ACEs movement, the science involved, a personal journey, links to more reading and a quiz to consolidate learning. Two things that will stay with me in the job that I do, are the bear analogy and the idea of a 'buffer' adult. When I see my young people again, after all this madness is over, I will try even harder to be that buffer. I have emailed the details of the courses to our Head so we can investigate the possibility of rolling the online training out to all staff.

Absolutely completely fantastic

Ian Mcgrath - Parent - Residential Childcare Worker

So, what can I say? as much as I've now been in residential childcare for 4 years, I didn't fully understand ACEs. Having now done your online training session, oh my god!! I certainly do understand it now. Have also use the 10 ACEs on my soon to be wife, who scores 7. Then figured it out for my 3 sons, 1 daughter and 3 step daughters, who scored between 3 & 9!! I feel broken. Broken by what my family have gone through, whilst I score 0! Broken by how hurt they must all of been at some point. But, I now feel more confident and capable to help my family who have suffered as well as the children I work with. If I hadn't done the online course, I probably wouldn't have done any ACEs course at all. Thank you. Absolutely completely fantastic..

Really enjoyed the course

Andrea Wright

I really enjoyed the course and found the information great to put into practice in my settings.

Review of ACEs training online

Donna Stretton Headteacher Sandside Lodge School, Ulverston.

I already had some knowledge of ACEs so was interested as to how this could develop my learning further. It links well with the Thrive Approach we have embraced across the school. The way in which the tutor links the training to his own experiences makes the training insightful and allowed me link it to my own professional and personal circumstances. As a visual learner, I particularly liked the videos. It was beneficial that I could work at my own pace throughout the learning experience and process the information in my own time.

Easy to follow and understand

Joanna O'Reilly - Early Years Support

I have completed the training and I really found it very beneficial. It was very easy to follow and understand. I have forwarded this onto my colleagues in family support so I am hoping they will also use it.

Title is fitting with the course content.

Sharon Hadfield - Child and family worker

The course content was very powerful. It really highlighted the ACES programme and the effects of trauma on children and the impact it can have as adults. The course was well set out and at a pace that I could follow whilst retaining the information given. I can really recommend this course to anyone working in social care and to the foster carers I work with as part of my job.