Understanding adverse childhood experiences is essential to your continued professional development.

ACEs are listed as stressful or traumatic experiences, including abuse, neglect and a range of household dysfunctions such as witnessing domestic violence or growing up with substance abuse in the household. They include mental and physical health issues, parental discord or imprisonment. Our training has been designed by an ACEs survivor, so you will learn from first hand experience about the devastating trauma caused by adversity experienced in childhood. Living with ACEs can mean that individuals develop coping and lifestyle strategies that are based on poor parental attachment and the effects of the trauma they have experienced. The ACEs training online is designed to inform you, inspire you, challenge you, and improve your approach to helping others. It's another valuable level of understanding in the battle against the trauma caused by adverse childhood experiences. If you are working on the front line in a supportive role, dealing with children, young adults, or families who have experienced ACEs, our courses are specifically designed to educate and enlighten you in a straight forward practical way.