Course curriculum

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  • 1

    ACEs training online BASIC

    • A quick Walk Through - How the course functions

    • ACEs Awareness for Police Custody Officers WELCOME

    • What does the ACEs training online course cover?

    • Health Warning

    • Your course Tutor

    • Dr Nadine Burke-Harris 16 min video

    • A brief history

    • Categories of ACEs in the original study

    • ACEs research results

    • ACEs and Policing by Joanne Caffrey - Ex Police Custody Sergeant, Force custody trainer and assessor, National police and prison custody trainer, and Expert Witness

    • The basics of toxic stress and epigenetics 6 min video

    • Course Tutor Personal Testimony

    • How your Tutor scores 10 ACEs - ABUSE

    • How your Tutor scores 10 ACEs - NEGLECT

    • How your Tutor scores 10 ACEs - HOUSEHOLD DYSFUNCTION

    • How did ACEs affect your Tutors life?

    • A ‘buffering’ adult - what does this mean?

    • A journey to now - Your Tutor almost took his own life

    • Mitigation against ACEs - what can be done?

    • How your Tutor attained a sustainable recovery

    • Inside the ACE Score Strengths Limitations and Misapplications with Dr. Robert Anda

    • ACEs mini-quiz (90% pass required)

    • Step inside the circle 7 min video

    • What Next? - Supporting documents to aid further study

    • Course evaluation